Top 10 Most Beautiful Destinations For solo Female Travellers!


Traveling by yourself can be an incredible opportunity for self-discovery and personal growth as doing things alone can be immensely therapeutic. Studies has it that women who travel alone, for business or for pleasure experience improvement in their self-confidence! Also, there are a lot to learn when you travel solo, things you can’t get from academia or the work place. The fact that you can’t find someone to go all the way with shouldn’t stop you from exploring the world around you that you’ve always dreamt of.

Due to a number of factors like security and risk of being assaulted, here are some picks from the world’s safest place you can actually explore unaccompanied. So get ready and make available your selfie sticks, of course you know, adventure waits for no one!

  1. Florence, Italy:

Visit as home of the Renaissance, Florence boasts one of the most incredible art collections on Earth, to say nothing of the gorgeous cathedrals, delicious Tuscan food, hmmm, how about the rich, enchanting architecture? You should see that too!


  1. Copenhagen, Denmark

Located on the coast of Denmark, Copenhagen is one of the safest capital cities in Europe. It boasts low crime rates, and it’s easy to love the Danish way of life thanks to the country’s welcoming cultural attitude known as Hygge (pronounced “Hooga”). The closest translation is “coziness,” but it basically means creating an environment of warmth and hospitality.

Plan your visit in the summer, when the weather is better and the days are longer with up to 18 hours of sunlight. Explore the colorful Nyhavn Harbor, its restaurants, postcard-perfect buildings, and sidewalk trampolines. Cross the canal by harbor bus to Papirøen (Paper Island) and try some of Copenhagen’s famous street food!

Also buy a Copenhagen Card to use on the metro, buses, and water shuttles; it will also get you free admission to 73 museums. Denmark is very bicycle-friendly, with bike lanes located throughout the city, making it ideal for solo travelers.


  1. Kyoto, Japan

Kyoto, Japan, which was once the Imperial Capital of Japan and exploring its elegant tea-houses, gardens, and castles is the best way to discover the true essence of traditional Japan. You could visit the Fushimi Inari-Taisha Shrine, the Kinkaku-Ji Temple or The Golden Pavilion, the Ginkaku-Ji Temple or The Silver Pavilion, the Gion District, the Arashiyama Bamboo Grove and many more exciting places too. Where to eat? Not to worry, you could try the Sou restaurant that offers an incredible gourmet experience, Chihana that has become a prime destination for Japanese foodies, Sfera Bar Satonaka which offers an incredible mixology experience in Kyoto and so on.


  1. Auckland, New Zealand:

Known as the largest city in New Zealand, with 1,400,000 residents. Auckland is also referred to as the “City of Sails” because of the high amount of yachts in its harbor. Try checking out the beautiful beaches and seeing the ships sailing. There is adventurous fun to be had, from the SkyWalk right in the city to the Waitakere Ranges to ziplining on Waiheke. Leisure pursuits include harbor cruises and wine tastings at vineyards. And film nerds, this is your chance, Yes, you can actually visit Hobbit Town! That, for sure, is what adventure should be all about!


  1. Ottawa, Canada.

Ottwa is the capital city of Canada, located in Ontario and bordering Quebec. You will definitely hear both French and English spoken interchangeably when traveling through this multicultural city. Catch the fun at the ByWard Market, one of the oldest in Canada with over 50,000 visitors every weekend. Shop for local produce and artisan breads and cheeses, along with handmade clothing and jewelry. Yeah, we love to shop! Be sure to stop by one of the famous restaurants to complete this shopping adventure!

  1. Portugal

If you want a private and relaxing vacation, take a trip to Setubal in Portugal! This smaller city has just under 800,000 people. Explore the city and enjoy the fresh caught seafood and delicious wines. You can also take a trip to Serra da Arrabida National Park where the forest meets the sea. The most beautiful beach here is Portinho da Arrabida, as the water is almost perfectly still without waves.

Melbourne is known as the ‘Second City’ among Aussies, but it’s the number one place to wander around alone, as everywhere is within a walkable distance. The central business area is packed a lot more art, shopping, and intrigue into a neat rectangular route. The graffiti-covered Hosier and Union lanes can make prime backgrounds for art selfies, how about window-shopping at the 146-year-old Royal Arcade while enjoying its Victorian architectural grandeur?

  1. Quepos, Costa Rica.

Here, there are endless coffee farms, volcanos, and hot springs that are perfect for exploring solo. Go for a tour of Manuel Antonio National Park, one of the last-remaining “natural zoos” in the world. You’ll get up close and personal with all kinds of wildlife, from sleeping bats to capuchin monkeys. Those who prefer a more serene side of nature can sunbathe at one of the reserve’s four natural beaches. They have the five-star La Mansion Inn filled with dizzying array of recreational activities like snorkeling, horseback riding, and rafting.


  1. Lalibela, Ethiopia

One of Ethiopia’s great holy cities, famous around the world for its unique and stunning collection of monolithic churches carved right into the rock below your feet. Lalibela, Ethiopia – Lalibela is one of Ethiopia’s great holy cities and is famous around the world for its unique and stunning collection of monolithic churches carved right into the rock below your feet. Lalibela lies inside the mountains of Lasta, with great views of endless world of peaks and valleys. Walking up Abune Yoseph is even more breathtaking- and you are there like you are alone! At an elevation between 3800-4284m you could to find at least a range of wild life with different bird species. The excitement doubles as you stand on the edges of the massif which makes you feel like standing on top of the world!


  1. Jerusalem, Israel.

The true crossroads of cultures, cuisines, and beliefs. Nowhere is this more evident than in the streets of the Old City, home to some of history’s greatest persons and events!

The list is endless! Choose wisely and take your adventure to an entirely different level while being safe at the same time.

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