Learn Photo Editing

Learn photo editing

There have been many articles written about the value of photography in design. Design and photography go hand in hand. Compelling photography can add depth and value to a design, whether it is web or print. Knowing how to edit your photos properly can also help immensely. Photos that look the part will blend with your design much better.

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How to create a cartoon character with photo-manipulation, retouching & color grading tutorial which is a very useful tool in transforming photos of real people into caricatures.  We will cover a lot of things in this massive tutorial. You will learn step by step how you can create any cartoon character you imagine this method. With only Photoshop and stock photos (or your own) you can create a unique caricature that can be a logo, a mascot for a product, a character in an ad, etc. You can of course use the same techniques explained in this tutorial, in a more subtle way, to spice up your portraits or images.


Using Photoshop tools to add depth & character to a face by advanced retouching tutorial. This will show you the different retouching techniques and tricks that will help you transform regular people into eye-popping characters. In this Photoshop tutorial, we will show you how to enhance the facial features anyone, giving them a funny cartoonish look perfect for our artwork. We will then work on colors and add a background that will mesh well with those characters.


Using retouching techniques to create fantasy portrait by Retouching + Color Grading. In this section, the tutorial will be handling issues that boils around retouching and color grading any photo anyone can take at home with their camera and transform it into some sort of fantasy character. The tutorial will go through every step taken to get the final result, from working on the skin, color grading, lighting and finishing with the background.


Adding special effects to make your image stand out. It’s a another side of the tutorial, which will well treat the topic of retouching and color grading too by using basic studio photo to create a completely different, much darker environment, add sources of lights and create a cool smoky vapor effect which will give our photo the look of a commercial poster featuring a celebrity athlete.


Using gradients to transform the look and mood of a photo. You can also use gradients to glam up a casual portrait and make any subject of the photo look like a high-end fashion model! After using a very effective retouching technique to create the base, we will then create a totally different look and mood by using a variety of gradients along with other color grading techniques.


Adding a high dynamic range effect to build a cool look. This tutorial will start with a cool self-portrait from NikxStock and with the help of Photoshop, we will transform it into some sort of flashy, punk rock, studio shot portrait!


Transforming an average person into an eye popping character. This tutorial module will, show you step by step how you can turn an average person into a surreal eye-popping character using advanced retouching techniques. We will also be working on adding light effects to the image, adding a rim light around our character and then color grading our scene to make it look rather creepy.


Transforming a portrait into something sleek and artistic. Video games these days are more and more realistic and a lot of attention is put on the esthetics of their 3D characters. In this module, we will transform a portrait of a regular guy into something that look straight out of the latest video game. And of course, if you want something that looks a little more realistic, we can easily tone down the effects while keeping a very original look.


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