But before you say ‘i do’


It sounds thus: “for better or for worse, for richer, for poorer … till death do us part”. Sadly, nearly half of all married couples regretted uttering those profound words and have since divorced. One of the biggest mistakes these couples made was spending all of their energy planning for a wedding day rather than planning for a lifelong marriage. Sadder-but-wiser divorced people and relationship and financial specialists say divorce statistics can be cut in half if starry-eyed people take your time to learn the 10 most important things they need to know about the love of their life before they say “I do.”

  1. Know what your partner owes.
  2. Know your partner’s marital history, and values
  3. Know your partner’s sexual past
  4. Know your partner’s criminal history
  5. Know your partner’s level of commitment to marriage and the type of marriage they desire
  6. Know your partner’s religious background and value system
  7. Know your partner’s temperament.
  8. Know your partner’s family
  9. Know your partner’s friends.
  10. Know what each of you expects in the marriage.


The choice of a life partner has been a great challenge over the ages in the lives of many people today. In choosing a life partner for an ideal woman always becomes a great challenge in their lives. Choosing a life partner is one of the greatest decisions one can take in their entire life. And when choosing, it’s important to be very careful. It is worthy of note that people are not without imperfections. But when you choose your life partner properly checking most certain issues in their previous life before you met them, chances are that your marriage will be blissful.



It’s also important to check your reason for getting married. It’s ok when people say they want to marry, but 80% of the reasons they give on why they want to marry are often startling. Research reveals that a lot of people get into marriage for the fun of it, or maybe the present peace in the relationship, and most other women get into marriage because of age. These are all wrong reasons. Marrying a man because he is wealthy, tall, handsome, fair, slim etc., are all wrongs reasons to marry too. Some women marry because they just need a help, a sort of financial support for them, that’s also wrong.
Marriage is never for any other purpose than marriage. Marriage is the legally or formally recognized union of a man and a woman as partners in a relationship. The purpose of marriage is two matured people coming together to fellowship, companionship, and mutual help and comfort. If it’s not a matured plan, it’s never going to work.

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