Pool House, Henry Sullivan’s Home

Pool House, Henry Sullivan’s Home

Laurette wanted to make the evening a little bit more fun for Cole, her boyfriend, who would be home soon. So, she stripped herself naked and rubbed her thighs until she was all wet and horny for him. It turned out Cole’s father came home at the wrong – right time!




Pool House, Henry Sullivan’s Home

Time Unknown.


Laurette glanced at her naked breasts through the mirror and smiled. She had been under the shower for over ten minutes, getting ready for Cole. He would be home from his part-time job soon and she wanted to make sex a bit more fun between them today.

She closed her eyes as the oil in her hand dripped all over her boobs, making them fuller and firmer. Massaging the left one, she dripped oil on the right nipple and moaned as the nipple became pointed and hard all of a sudden. Smiling again, she sat on the chair and widened her thighs, allowing her reflection in the mirror to do the arousal for her.

She was warm and horny. Her thighs felt weak while her clit desperately wanted something hard inside it. Reaching for the dildo in the drawer, she quickly slid the thick rubber into her pussy and gasped as it began to vibrate, filling her thighs with irreplaceable pleasure.

“Hell that feels good.” She winked at her reflection in the mirror.

She tried to glance at the wall clock behind her but her vision was temporarily blurry. Cole was late, she knew this. She had calculated that he would be coming to the pool house at the time that she was leaving the bathroom and making herself ready for him. Disappointed, Laurette focused on pleasuring herself and groaned when she pulled the dildo out and pushed it right back in with a new determination.

She heard a click at the door behind her and closed her eyes, expecting Cole to strip himself naked and join her immediately he found her all vulnerable and horny. It took forever before she felt strong fingers on her shoulders. Cole didn’t waste time; his fingers travelled down to her breasts afterwards and he began to slowly fondle them.

Laurette kept her eyes shut. She imagined how hard Cole’s cock already was and how he would have no choice than to carry her to the bed and fuck her. In response to this thought, the muscles of her clit tightened while her nipples throbbed. Biting her lips, Laurette opened her eyes and came face to face with the reflection of an older version of Cole.

“Mr. Sullivan?” She was damn too horny to whisper any other word.

Cole’s father frowned at her expression in the mirror but he didn’t stop fondling her breasts. His fingers trailed downwards and pulled the dildo out. Before Laurette could complain, his fingers had replaced the hard rubber and it felt so good.

“Cole won’t be home for another hour.” Mr. Sullivan finally said.

Laurette didn’t bother to ask why he would be late. She was gasping for air now as Mr. Sullivan’s fingers began to spring in and out of her tight pussy. She watched through the mirror as Cole’s father dropped his pants and placed his hard cock beside her ear.

“You can keep staring at it at the mirror or you can just turn and swallow it.” He muttered.

Laurette was compelled with the defiance in his eyes. She turned without thought and got his cock stuffed into her mouth almost immediately. He began to fuck her mouth nonstop. Laurette spat on it and moaned as she fingered herself during the process.

“Fuck me!” Mr. Sullivan groaned. Laurette almost smiled at his childish nature.

Comparing him to his son, Laurette admitted that Mr. Sullivan was perhaps better at sex than Cole. Cole hardly said anything while they had sex. He didn’t go through with foreplays for long too. All he ever did was jump on her and bury his big cock inside her. Mr. Sullivan on the other hand made her thighs weak with words and foreplays before it even got to the stage of digging his cock inside her.

“Come here.” Mr. Sullivan whispered.

He slowly lifted Laurette towards the bed and dropped her on the soft sheets with a grin.

“Spread those thighs.”

Laurette did exactly as he wanted and almost cried out excitedly as he placed his head between her thighs. Cole had never done a cunnilingus with her before! Mr. Sullivan began to suckle her clitoris first before he dug his tongue deep into her clit. His mouth was cold and what he did made her mad with lust.

“Oh God! Oh God!” Laurette cried excitedly.

She wondered why he was satisfying her. She imagined how she could have spent the next one hour, masturbating and getting weaker, while she expected Cole’s arrival. The plan didn’t involve Cole’s father but she didn’t regret that he came into the pool house just at the right time.

“Mr. Sullivan?”

Laurette had had enough. She grabbed his shoulders and pushed him up, guiding him until he was on top of her and ready to fuck her. Surprisingly, Mr. Sullivan smiled down at her and shook his head.

“Would be over too soon. Here….” He muttered.

He turned sideways and took her with him. Laurette was on top now and his cock was only half an inch from her thighs.

“Ride me.”

Those simple words drove her nuts. She swore under her breath as she firmly held his cock and arched her waist to get him inside her.

It was huge and firm inside her.

She began to move.

Mr. Sullivan held her waist and guided her movement. He groaned up at her as she increased her speed, fucking him senselessly. Her hair scattered all over her face and blocked her vision. She felt his palm on her breasts at the same time that she closed her eyes and allowed her lust to take over.

“Fuck me!” Mr. Sullivan groaned again.

Laurette couldn’t stop moving. Feeling weak, she fell on his chest but didn’t stop moving. His cock was getting bigger and harder inside her and she wanted more.

“More!” She screamed as her body began to shudder with her climax already getting near.

They had spent almost ten minutes already. Laurette hid the blush on her face as she thought of another forty minutes that she could spend having sex with Mr. Sullivan before his son came home.

She still wanted more of that hard cock.

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