The Future. New Athens, New York

The FutureNew Athens, New York

It was the year 4050 and seeing aliens on the streets of New York wasn’t a big deal. Well, until Adrian meets a very horny one who would do about anything to get him to bump her hard in the nearest dark alley.





The Future.

New Athens, New York.


Adrian swore under his breath as he followed her. He glanced behind his shoulders sometimes, taking care to see that no one was following them. It was very late in the night and he couldn’t believe that he was actually doing this.

He was following a stranger into a dark alley.

She stopped at the end of the street and glanced sideways, obviously checking to see if the whole area was deserted. When she was sure that it was, she smiled back at Adrian and waved him towards the dark right wall. Adrian swore under his breath again, wondering why his body wasn’t obeying his mind instead.

He was supposed to be running the other way, as far away as his legs could carry him.

“You don’t have to fight it.” She suddenly whispered when he neared her.

She plastered her back to the wall and held Adrian’s shoulder, dragging him closer so that her soft breasts could hang loose on his chest. He had a feeling that she wasn’t wearing any underwear under her tight con leather garment.

“Fight what?” He asked her.

“You don’t have to pretend as if you don’t know what I am talking about.” She sighed as Adrian began to fondle with the soft curves of her breasts. Adrian wished that they could skip the talking already and get her entirely naked.

“I can read minds.”

He stepped back to stare at her face after she dropped the bombshell. He finally understood why he couldn’t will himself to not be with her. She was controlling his mind and probably was the one filling his head with images of what he could do to her.

“Oh come on! Those are entirely yours. Aliens aren’t entirely mind-controlling freaks.”

Adrian grinned as he realized that his mind had been read again.

“You shouldn’t be doing that.” He warned.

Surprisingly, she shook her head and wriggled her body on his.

“You are right. We should be doing something entirely different.”

She slowly dragged him closer and reached for the buckle of his belt; soon, his shorts dropped to the floor and his hard dick was at her mercy.

“Just as I imagined it.” She muttered before she bent and swallowed his dick.

Adrian suddenly felt like talking.

“What is your name?” He asked her.

He wasn’t sure he wanted to know much about her. With her psychic ability, he assumed that she was part of the race that landed on Earth from Mars over a thousand years ago. Her skin was almond green but she had the same physiognomy of a human female. Her breasts were round and firm, her lips completely lush and soft; by the feeling of it clasping tight around his cock, while God! her hands were soft and quick as it massaged and tightly squeezed his dick.

“Katarina.” She managed to mutter before she placed his dick tightly back into her mouth.

She expertly spat on the crown of his cock and began a hand job that kept his mouth shut for another few seconds.

“You found me first, didn’t you?” Adrian groaned as his cock jerked forward, splashing cum all over her lips.

Feeling excited, Katarina squeezed his dick harder to get more cum out before she replied him.

“Oh, you mean before you kept staring at me at the diner and began to follow me until we got here?”

She was taunting him with ridiculous questions and her merciless hand strokes. He knew this, yet he continued with the sultry conversation.

“Yes. Yes. There was something about the way you stared back at me. It was as if… as if….”

He was unable to complete his sentence. This time around, he felt a sudden flex in his entire body muscles as his scrotum tightened in her palms. She sucked on his balls as if they were strawberry lollipops, making him dazed and breathless at the same time.

“You were saying?” She whispered as she rolled her long tongue along the sides of his dick. She stood smiling at him with a cocky expression.

“I think I hate you.” Adrian hissed.

“Oh, I am sure you don’t.” She chuckled.

He knew he didn’t. Especially when her garment dropped to her waist two seconds later. She smiled at the smug on his face and dragged him closer again.

“I found you first.” She admitted. “And I knew I would do anything just to get you to lay with me.”

“Why?” Adrian asked as he took one nipple into his mouth.

She wriggled closer and buried her fingers in his hair.

“I wanted you. I don’t know how it happened.”

The answer wasn’t enough. Adrian sucked her nipple harder and slid his hand between her thighs. She was warm there… and wet.

“I was horny. I touched myself before I got you to follow me.”

Unable to control the urge, Adrian dragged the remaining part of her garment to the floor and resumed with her second breast. He fondled the other breast as he sucked on the nipple this time around. Katarina arched her waist and clipped her left leg around his right hips.

“So, you just wanted me to fuck… uh lay in bed with you?”

How some of them spoke still baffled him. It reminded him of some of the seventeenth century books that survived up to the present millennium.

“Isn’t that what dark alleys are for these days?” She moaned the words out as he began to finger her, pushing and pulling his finger out of her clit without thought.

He agreed with her though. She had chosen a perfect spot for them. No one was going to disturb them in a while. An image of long sex with her mounting him and riding his cock suddenly flashed in his head and he smiled down at her beaming face.

“Let’s get this started.” He grinned.

Immediately, she flexed her waist and circled his hips with her thighs. He buried his cock deep into her clit almost immediately too and grinned at the satisfaction that washed up from his spine to his brain.

Both of them stared at the moon above them as they began to fuck, enjoying the beautiful sight of the dark clouds and the flapping sounds that filled the air as their body continued to collide.

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