A motel, North Carolina


A one-afternoon stand.




A motel, North Carolina.



“You shouldn’t have come here with me.”

I stared at her and wondered what she was talking about. An hour ago, I met her at the fair and a conversation had led to the question about where she lived. She had happily told me that she was on the road and only stopped in the country because of the fair. I offered to follow her back to the motel and she didn’t raise an eyebrow.

She even invited me in and poured me coffee.

“I don’t understand.” I whispered.

The entire time that I drank the coffee, I couldn’t keep my gaze away from her thighs. She wore a very short black skirt and a crimson top that easily gave the melon shape of her breasts away. She sat directly in front of me on the sofa and kept rubbing her thighs with her palms. I suspected at first that she wasn’t used to being alone with a man in a room.

“I am sorry.” She apologized. “I am just not quite used to inviting strangers into where I sleep.”

“Then why did you offer me coffee.” I asked, confused.

She sighed and crossed over to sit beside me.

“Sincerely, I have no idea.” She held my hand and dropped it on her thigh. Her eyes fixated on mine innocently as if she was asking me to do the impossible to her.

I smiled back at her and drop the coffee mug on the table.

“How about I give you an idea?” I muttered.

She heaved a heavy sigh as my hands began to move upwards, under her skirt and towards the mound of flesh between her thighs.

“What idea?” She whispered as she closed her eyes, slowly accepting the pleasure that I was giving her.

She wore nothing underneath her skirt, making it easy to slid in a finger and watch her moan.

“You invited me in because you wanted this.” I whispered.

She didn’t open her eyes. She made herself comfortable on the chair and moaned again as I added another finger.

“What do I want?” She grinned.

I have met women like her before. Often, they do not understand how they feel until men gave them an orgasm like never before. I thought about this and really blamed myself for following her to the motel. Now, I was fully erect and hard, and she wasn’t ready.

“You want a cock ramming into your cunt, sweetie.”

There wasn’t any need to be vulgar, but I wanted her to understand her situation and what I wanted. She was a very attractive woman and I had imagined my cock inside her several times from the fair to the motel. Another thing I imagined was her reckless moan as she rode my cock and dug her fingernails into my chest.

“Yes.” She finally sighed and opened her eyes, “I think I want you to fuck me.” She pleaded.

It wasn’t the words that aroused me beyond measure, it was her pleading eyes and the way she began to touch herself in the most seductive way. She briskly unbuttoned her top and began to fondle her own breasts, allowing me to watch.

“I have never been this horny before.” She admitted.

I nodded and told her to continue. My cock jerked continuously as she folder her skirt above her waist and fingered herself, paying no mind as I reached for my cock too and began to jerk myself.

“God. You are evil!” She cursed when I smiled at her and told her to suck my cock.

She reluctantly lowered herself to a kneeling position and swallowed my swollen cock. She choked on it, kissed the tip, suckled it selfishly, spat on it, groped it with her palm and made sure that I groaned all through the time that she made me suffer with an unending erection.

When I had had enough, I raised her to her feet and asked her to face the chair. I bent her back and told her to hold on tight to the arm of the chair. She stared back at me distraughtly when I held her waist and prepared her pussy with a soft pat of my palm.

She was as wet as a slut on her third orgasm.

“Yeah.” I didn’t recognize my own voice as I buried my cock inside her. She was tight and it felt like heaven inside.

“Oh more, more!” She moaned. She grinned as I added more force to my thrust. She reached firmly for my ass with her palm and guided my cock deeper into her, craving for more.

I wanted more too. I swiftly got her to face me again and pushed her back to the chair. She welcomed my new thrust by spreading her thighs across the chair, taking the full length of my cock.

We kissed again and she gasped into my mouth. Immediately, her tongue travelled the corners of my mouth before she twisted it with mine. We were both going crazy with lust and we wouldn’t stop until we could no longer make sense of what we wanted.

I turned her so she could back me on the chair, then I raised her thigh and easily thrust my cock back into her warm pussy. Her cunt always welcomed my cock with such tightness that it was sometimes impossible to breathe after the first thrust.

“Don’t you dare stop!” She warned when she noticed that I wasn’t moving.

I groaned like a hungry animal and kept on moving, finally accepting the climax that was already eating into my bones. I tasted my own blood as I bit my lips to ease the final groan that escaped my throat. Her body wriggled against mine as she came too.

When it was over, she slowly stood and smiled down at me.

“That was awesome.” She whispered. Then her gaze dropped to the floor.

“You should leave. This never happened.”

Yes, it never did. She would be back on the road in another hour and we would never see again.

I gathered my clothes, slid into them and left the motel without glancing back.

I drove back to my home with a hard cock that almost convinced me to drive back and fuck her nuts all over again.

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