63, Jacksonville

63, Jacksonville.


It was a pool party at a rich boy’s house. It ended up to be a group sex in a Jacuzzi.




63, Jacksonville.



Ryan was splattering water all over the girls in the pool while the other boys were laughing hysterically. It turned out to be a lively party after all and Peyton was glad that she had not given up and decided to stay at home.

When she received the invitation a week ago, she was almost sure that she was invited by mistake. But Ryan had insisted that he wanted her there. His friend, Matt, had a very rich politician as a father and his parents would be gone for a few weeks. He had invited a few friends over, promised a grand party throughout the night, and enough bottle of whiskey as they all moved on to his parent’s Jacuzzi.

“It is time!” Matt suddenly yelled.

Everyone cheered happily and hurried out of the pool after him. Ryan quickly grasped Peyton by the waist and kissed her on the lips. It was a very short one but Peyton understood what it meant. She could see the hunger in his eyes after he kissed her and smiled down at him, telling him that she wanted the same thing too.

Matt led them to the back of the pool house and everyone marveled at the large bubbling water. The seam from the Jacuzzi evaporated to the sky that was already becoming dark as the night took over.

It was Serena that slid into the warm water first. She was a pretty blonde that had never hidden her crush for Matt and his father’s money. She smiled up at Matt, who took off his pants and joined her in the water immediately.

“Hell yeah!” The boys groaned happily as Serena plastered her breasts against Matt’s chest and clasped her lips against him.

They all slowly lowered themselves into the water with the girls who cheered loudly along the way.

“Hey Matt. Best party ever!” One of the boys yelled as a girl removed her bra and threw it out of the water.

“We can find a quiet spot if you want to be alone.” Ryan whispered behind her.

Peyton had noticed that he didn’t join the others in the water. He was probably waiting for her to make up her mind and slid into the water too. But suddenly, stepping into the Jacuzzi wasn’t really an appealing thought with what he was suggesting. But again, with the mood spreading fast amongst everyone, it was possible that she and Ryan could do everything they wanted and no one would flutter an eye.

“How about I make the decision for you?” Matt whispered, stepping beside her.

She was about to ask him what he meant when he slid into the water very fast, went deeper for a second and pulled out his underwear. He stared up at her with a defiant gaze, daring her to join him. Peyton almost screamed excitedly as she slid into the water too. The warm water made her skin tickle and she quickly glued her body to Ryan’s enjoying the way his skin softly complemented hers.

“What next?” She asked him.

He smiled and nodded to the others behind her. The Jacuzzi was gradually becoming a silent zone as each girl automatically had its own partner. Everyone stared uneasily at the rest as if they were too afraid to continue with what had just begun.

Again, it was Serena that made the first move. She slid one of her breast out of her bra and held it towards Matt who suckled it immediately without thought.

“Yes baby!” Serena whimpered, obviously enjoying what Matt’s fingers were doing to her under the water too.

Ryan turned her head to face him before Peyton could see what the rest were up to. She only managed to see Teresa bumping her thighs against Randy’s as she held his head and moaned loudly.

“Our turn.” Ryan whispered, distracting her.

He kissed her first before she felt his finger sliding into her panties underneath the water. Widening her thighs, Peyton moaned as his fingers slowly slid inside, pushing in and out to make her wet and sore at the same time.

“Grab my dick, P.” Ryan whispered into her mouth.

His dick felt so hard in her palm and Peyton mercilessly jerked him, liking the way his cock got bigger and thicker in her hand. He stopped fingering her and lowered his head to trace kisses from her neck to the edges of her breasts.

“I have always wanted to do this.” He whispered before he pushed her left breast out of its cup and rolled his tongue around the taunt nipple.

“You have round big breasts too big for your age you know?” He teased.

Peyton squeezed his dick harder and groaned down at him when he gasped, obviously accepting the pain and the pleasure that it gave him.

“Okay. Okay! No more teasing.” He groaned.

He went back to her nipple and began to suckle like his life depended on it. Surrounded by different moans and groans already, Peyton slid closer towards him and guided his dick to the opening of her clit.

“Fuck me….” She whispered into his ears.

He pushed his cock inside before she finished instructing him, making her breathless. Peyton quickly clutched her legs around his and began to thrust her waist, accepting the full length of his cock.

“Told you it would be one hell of a party.”  Ryan rasped.

Peyton was unable to speak as she moved. He was matching her thrust with his and he was ramming into her nonstop. Both of them were breathless and the groans around them were adding more fire to their urge. She closed her eyes and held his shoulder enjoying the pleasure that washed over her entire body.

“Yes! Right there Matt. God!” Serene was screaming loudly now as Matt fucked her.

It was the same time that Ryan quickly changed his position and backed her to the wall of the Jacuzzi.

“Peyton!” He rasped as he thrust his dick inside her again.

Peyton couldn’t believe the scene that greeted her when she opened her eyes to look at him. It wasn’t Ryan but everyone was entirely naked inside the water now. The Jacuzzi party had become a group orgasm as the entire water was filled with boys and girls wriggling their bodies as various climax took over.

“Oh God! I am cumming.” Ryan groaned.

Peyton shut her eyes as her orgasm came too. Her head suddenly felt light at the same time that Ryan gave one final hard thrust.

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