7:30 pm The Director’s Office, Topmost Floor of Queen’s Pharmaceuticals

The Director’s Office, Topmost Floor of Queen’s Pharmaceuticals.

Randy found out that his boss wasn’t exactly the lesbian that he thought she was. He only had to stay behind working hours and help her with some paperwork to find out.



7:30 pm

The Director’s Office, Topmost Floor of Queen’s Pharmaceuticals.


It was a very cold night. Throughout the office hours, the office warmers were the only thing that made working for Queen quite pleasant and comfortable. It was almost midnight now and Carl was already regretting that he stayed behind to help his boss with some paperwork.

It wasn’t as if she made it compulsory for him to stay.

No, the absolutely frigid woman that controlled the six-floors building that was Queen’s Pharmaceuticals had only popped her head through her glass door and asked if anyone would be free after office hours to help her with a few work. His desk was the last on the sixth floor, yet he was the only one that raised his hand, quite eager to do something for hiss ‘boss’ for once. He didn’t sign up for three long hours of absolute silence and shuffling through papers.

They hadn’t even made conversation since she ushered him in, closed the doors, dumped over a dozen boxes of papers in front of him and told him that the job was to find a particular record of an asthma drug that the company had attempted to produce over twenty years ago.

Queen was behind her desk the entire time that he opened each box. He dumped half of the content in front of her before he got working on the remaining half and she would only nod.

Jesus, a nod! Carl wanted to puke. Queen was absolutely beautiful and stunning. She had straight spotless legs that she loved to expose all the time. Short skirts were her favorite clothing while she mostly complemented it with flowery armless tops and blazers, or as she was wearing it tonight, an almost transparent cotton shirt with two buttons completely loose. He distracted himself sometimes by staring at the smooth lines of her cleavage.

Despite all the alluring qualities of his boss, she was notoriously rumored to be lesbian. Lesbian and frigid with men! Carl loved lesbians but sometimes, thinking about it, he wanted to imagine that the rumors were false; that she had only perfected a nonchalant attitude that showed less interest towards men. But several times, that imagination had been shattered by one employee tale or the other. The last tale he heard was from Tom, who swore that his rich cousin had once taken ‘Miss Queen’ on a date and had kissed her.

“Harry swore that it felt like kissing an old woman I tell you. Poor him! He told me her lips didn’t even move the entire time.”

“It still doesn’t mean that she is a lesbian.” Carl had argued.

“It’s either that or she is dumb and probably never had an orgasm before!” Everyone had laughed.

Sighing, Carl stood and reached for the last box. It wasn’t as if he could change anything about the rumors or create a conversation with her at the moment. If silence was her thing, he might as well get the cold night over with and sleep the entire Saturday off.

“Leave it. Opening that is totally useless.”

It was the first time that she said anything in three hours and the shock on his face must have been too obvious.

“What is it, Carl?” She grinned. She was staring at him and it made Carl quite uneasy, especially with the previous thoughts that he had had about her.

He quickly composed himself and stepped away from the box.

“Nothing.” He muttered. “Did you find the file?”

Surprisingly, she shook her head and still stared at him.

“Can I ask you a personal question?” She suddenly whispered.

Okay, Carl was now getting more shocked as every second ticked away.

“Sure.” He managed to speak.

“Do you think I am frigid?”

He was thinking that he should sit but her question put a string in his step. How the hell was he supposed to answer that and not insult her?

“I am sorry but… but I don’t under… understand the question.” He stammered.

She smiled and rested back on her chair. It gave him a slight view of her left breast. The skin was cream, smooth and round.

“Come on,” She hissed, “I am not deaf. I know the news that circulates all the time in my own company.”

He was about to argue but she raised her finger to stop him. Then she smiled as if she just thought about something.

“Come here Carl.” She said.

Somehow, her soft voice controlled his legs and he was across her desk in a moment.

“Not there silly. Get round the desk.” She commanded again.

Carl nodded and told himself that he was only obeying her because he felt guilty. He was one of the numerous employees that spoke about her sexual life all the time.

As he turned around her desk, the first thing he noticed was her pink panties and lovely thighs. Her short skirt had folded up to her waist and it was almost impossible not to stare. Surprisingly, she only smiled up at him and gave him more view of her thighs by widening them.

“Do you mind?” She whispered.

Carl sprung to action immediately, refusing the thought that everything that was happening were his imagination. As he squeezed himself under the desk, he quickly slid the soft panties down her legs and sniffed in the warmth that radiated from her wet thighs.

She had been horny the entire three hours that he scattered files around and he had been stupidly thinking about Tom and his stupid tales.

“You waiting for a whistle before you make me scream with pleasure?” She sounded anxious but her voice was real.

Hell, Carl knew that this was a night that he wasn’t going to be forgetting in a while.

His tongue searched the soft corners of the insides of her pussy first as she guided his head. She buried her fingers in his hairs as she wriggled on the chair. Her moans were soft and amazing. It made him hard within seconds and Carl could only think of burying his entire length inside her… after he was through licking every wet area between her thighs.

“Oh Carl!”

She grasped his tie and dragged him up as he pushed two fingers into her clit and began to fuck her with them. Immediately, she reached for his belt, pushed his pants down within a second and literally lifted him until he was sitting on the desk with his cock fully erect and pointing towards her.

“You will tell me how frigid I am when I am through sucking that crimson dick and squeezing the entire juice out of your scrotum.” She spat on his cock.

Carl was speechless. He was frightened and hard at the same time. When his dick fully disappeared into her mouth, relief washed over him and he closed his eyes, enjoying the full warmth of her mouth. Then she began to move her head very fast while she squeezed his dick and scrotum with her fingers.

He gasped for air with his mouth at the same time that he felt his scrotum clenching. She continued to suck his cock remorselessly, even it jerked forward and release thick liquid that splattered all over her mouth.

Surprisingly, he was hard within seconds again.

When she looked up at him with a pleased expression, Carl sighed and dropped his head.

“I am not going home any time soon, am I?”

She said nothing. She only swallowed his hard cock again and gave him the same gorging pleasure all over again.

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