How To Maintain Long Health And Fitness Results


Some women lose a ton of body fat, gain lean muscle, and get their confidence back and they now have an unbelievable transformation story. But then over time, things start to change, they don’t come into the gym as much as they used to and they start missing workouts and before they know it, they begin to regain double of all the weight they managed to shed off overtime. It is a good thing to reach your health and fitness goal but these women who reach these set goals fail to reassess and reset their lifestyle and thereby inviting those bad habits left behind to slip back in and undo all that hard work they put in over the years. So it is not enough to achieve the unachievable, there are ways to keep these results throughout one’s life time.

Use the following tips to keep your achieved dream body around for better.


  1. Reassess and reset your goals.

You reached your goals, that is awesome, but don’t stop there, reset and aim at even higher goals. Goals are the driving force behind motivation, so if you don’t have any new ones, it can be easy to lose focus and let old habits slip in. Set higher objectives and this should be done after reaching an already set goal. Never be complacent, always aim to do your best in everything you do as this makes the whole essence of life even more exciting!


  1. Surround yourself with like-minds and people who support you.

Associating with people who bring you down is a no no in this process. It’s important that the people you hang around the most bring out the best in you and want you to be your best. This has been one of the biggest areas that could help you keep and remain fit all through your lifetime. Do your friends support your workout ideas or desire to hit the gym too, eat or support your kind of food and fitness orientation? These questions will help you monitor who you hand out with.


  1. Don’t forget your journey so far.

It is necessary to always remember your initial motivations, how you were before you started and how long it took you to come this far. I am sure you do not want to be the person you were before you started, so, having these thoughts at the back of your mind will motivate and sustain your plan to maintain your achieved goals.


  1. Stay consistent with your workout and meal plan

Balance is not an easy thing to maintain, but you shouldn’t be overwhelmed with your results that you forget you still need a lot consistency to maintain it. It starts from one decision to skip a workout… have a cheat meal may lead to another decision to take a week off workouts, and then a week of eating nothing else but cheat meals and you know how the downward spiral goes. But if you really want to maintain your results, you need to follow strictly the set out work out and meal plan you are already used to.


  1. Mix up your Goals when they start to bore you

One of the biggest reasons people lose their motivation over their long term fitness plan is that they start to get bored with their workouts. True! you don’t exactly feel motivated if you are doing the same thing day in and day out, I understand that but this is how to overcome that, change your work out plan every four weeks, as well as your meal plans. Be willing to try new interesting things, it will help you sustain these healthy habits. The moment you see boredom slipping in, then it’s time to change it up!

Always find a way to motivate yourself, maintaining long health and fitness results is a lot easier if you make your own rules and abide by them. Do not be hard on yourself, loosen up to try new things as long as they interfere with your plans to remain fit and healthy. Remember, it is never a bad idea to celebrate your own fitness goals.

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