Plymouth University, Plymouth.


two naked lesbians on grey

Paulina hated the fact that she had poor taste in men. Every time, her friend, Beatrice, was always there to console her after her boyfriends dumped her. This time around, Beatrice didn’t console her; she gave her a new sense of sexual hunger.


Plymouth University, Plymouth.


Paulina couldn’t control the tears. Students passing through the hall were already noticing her. She knocked on the door again and almost gave up until she heard metal clicks behind the door. A second later, Beatrice stuck her head through the door and smiled. When she noticed the tears, she quickly opened the door and ushered Paulina in.

The door clasped shut as Paulina sat on the bed and finally allowed the tears to flow down her cheeks.

Beatrice just stood at the door, staring down at her with a questioning glance.

“I couldn’t stop him. He just told me that it was over and I just stood there. I said nothing.” Paulina wept.

Beatrice’s expression softened as she joined Paulina on the bed.

“He slept with you, didn’t he?” She asked.

This was the same question that she asked the last time, or the time before that. And Paulina always had the same answer.

“Yes. At the back of his car. Oh God, I loved him. I loved him more than his ugly wife did.”

“You will get over him.” Beatrice whispered.

Paulina doubted it. Bryce was older, but he was caring and he gave her his attention all the time. He told her that his wife wasn’t always at home and he didn’t love her. Then she had slept with him and the story had changed. Now, he told her that he had realized how much he loved his wife and wouldn’t want anything to hurt her.

“I am going home to tell her about you.” He had whispered before breaking up with her.

“I can’t get over him.” Paulina admitted.

Beatrice somehow found this amusing. “Was the sex that great?” She laughed.

Paulina thought about the question and shrugged. It was just sex and she had to admit that there wasn’t really anything special about it with Bryce.

“Heck, it was that ordinary?” Beatrice asked as she noticed the simple expression on Paulina’s face.

Paulina shrugged as she cleaned the tears on her face. Beatrice always had a way of distracting her.

“Perhaps it was the sex that got him thrown off.” Paulina sighed.

Beatrice shook her head and held Paulina’s hand. Her expression was stern as she spoke.

“You think you do not satisfy all those douchebags sexually?” She asked.

“I can’t say. Ryan did say that I was frigid.”

“Ryan is a dickhead.” Beatrice hissed.

“He does have a good dick.” Paulina grinned.

After both of them laughed at this, Beatrice held Paulina closer and leaned towards the bed with her.

“I was horny and busy before you knocked.” Beatrice suddenly whispered.

Paulina smiled. Beatrice was the blunt one. She was vulgar around Paulina and was always sincere with her sexual preferences.

“What were you doing?” Paulina asked.

“Trying out a new dildo I just got through the internet.” Beatrice blushed.

“You can continue. I want to watch.” Paulina whispered.

This surprised Beatrice but she said nothing. She rolled away from Paulina and reached for her toy underneath the couch beside the bed.

“Very big, don’t you think?” She chuckled as she sat on the couch and quickly pushed the dildo underneath her skirt. She groaned happily as the rubber cock slid in easily.

In a few seconds, it was as if Paulina didn’t exist anymore to Beatrice. Paulina watched with fascination as Beatrice kept pushing the rubber dick in and out of her pussy. She widened both thighs and angled each leg at the opposite arms of the couch as she groaned happily.

It made Paulina horny too.

“I should go take a bath.” Paulina was rushing towards the shower before the words left her lips.

In another minute, she was naked and hopeless. The cold water splattering all over her skin only dampened her thighs and made her more wet. In order to make the weird feeling stop, she rested her back on the tiled walls and closed her eyes, allowing the sound of the shower to take over her senses.

It wasn’t working.

“Do you need help?”

“Oh God, yes!”

Paulina muttered those words without opening her eyes. She was horny. She needed it to stop and Beatrice was suddenly in the bathroom with her. She opened her eyes and met a triumphant smile on her face.

“Well, I can give you a cunnilingus.” Beatrice shrugged.

Paulina widened her thighs and smiled back as a response. Beatrice nodded and switched off the shower. She knelt down immediately and dipped in two fingers at once.

“You like that?” She whispered.

Her fingers were penetrating the walls of her clit. When she pulled them out, Paulina hissed. But the fingers were in harder again and pulling out again. Soon, Beatrice’s fingers and Paulina’s thighs were filled with cum. Just when Pauline thought that it was almost over, Beatrice began to nibble on her clitoris with her mouth, sending a new wave of sexual feeling all over Paulina’s body.

“God! God!” Paulina felt weird. This was new to her. She had never been with a woman before, and heck if she had been turned on just by looking at another girl whack herself before.

Holding Beatrice’s head in her hands, Paulina arched her waist and began to plaster her clit all over Beatrice’s face. Her entire body wriggled with sexual hunger.

“You need a good fuck.” Beatrice groaned as she rose to her feet. She suddenly rushed out of the bathroom and was back with the rubber dick.

Paulina didn’t have the time to protest. Beatrice pushed her to the wall and quickly strapped the dildo around her waist.

“I will fuck your clit harder than they all did.”

It was a promise that Beatrice fulfilled within seconds. She positioned herself so that Paulina’s legs would circle her waist, and began to thrust hard into her pussy.

“Oh my God!” Paulina gasped.

The rubber dick was big and firm. It kept drilling into her, quickening her climax in the process.

“I am cumming!” Paulina yelled.

At the same time, Beatrice’s body jerked as she came too. Both of them slid to the floor of the bathroom as Paulina’s body kept vibrating with the peak of her ecstasy.

Soon, the entire bathroom walls were filled with her cum.

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