It was a Sin. It Was a Secret Meeting on a Yatch.

On a yatch, somewhere in California.

9:03pm. On a yatch, somewhere in California.


Clara covered her face with her palm as her gardener stood at the door, unsure of what to do next. Jamie was twenty-six, heavily built and black. Just three days ago, she had given him a deal that had led to a secret meeting on one of her husband’s yatch miles away from home. At first, she had thought that he wouldn’t go along with it; but he was here now, wasn’t he?

Jamie was only in his shorts and he was staring at the room as if he was mesmerized by the rich beauty.

“Mrs. Lockwood?” He whispered.

“Call me Clara tonight.” Clara told him. She finally dropped her hands and adjusted herself on the couch.

Jamie heaved a heavy sigh as his eyes fixed on her naked thighs. Clara had specifically chosen her rich and transparent nightgown to wear tonight. No matter how she tried to keep the gown down, her thighs would always be exposed. She wondered if Jamie knew that she was entirely naked underneath the dress, and that her clit was dripping wet with the idea that his dick would be jolting in soon.

“Oh, I am sorry, Mrs. Lock…. I mean, Clara.” Jamie stammered.

Good, Clara thought. She was already making him anxious and it meant that he would be doing everything that she asked in a matter of seconds.

“Come here Jamie.” Clara flashed her teeth at him and willed him towards her with her index finger.

He moved towards her like her own committed robot. As soon as he was only two steps away, Clara widened her thighs and gave him a peak of the job that he would be doing for her tonight.

“You have got strong hands, haven’t you, Jamie?” She whispered.

As expected, Jamie went on his knees and only nodded. She watched, fascinated and horny, as he licked his lips in anticipation.

“Yes, I have noticed every morning how you tend to my husband flowers. What about soft lips and a curious tongue; do you have that?”

Clara smiled as she noticed that Jamie was no longer listening to her. His eyes were now fixed on her clit. Widening her thighs again, Clara held his head towards her and encouraged him with a moan.

“You can. Jamie. Make me cum with your tongue.”

Those were the right words, Clara thought as she felt his lips nibble on her clitoris first. Boy, the young man could suckle, she thought. He nibbled slowly at first but suddenly, his finger joined his lips and tongue, and soon Clara was wriggling on the couch, unable to stop the pleasure that washed all over her body.

“Yes. Yes. There!” She cried.

Jamie swung his tongue inside the walls of her clit. It penetrated deep and kept pushing in and pulling out without remorse. Clara held his head in place and began to thrust her hips towards his face, filing his entire face with her cum.

“Get up! Get up!” She suddenly yelled at him.

“Did I do something wrong.” Jamie seemed concerned.

Clara didn’t have the strength to talk. If only he knew how damn horny she was at the moment. Instead of barking instructions, she went on her knees and dragged his shorts down and gasped at the sight that greeted her.

It was the first time that she was seeing such a huge black cock. The monster pointed at her with thick veins and rather strong cockhead.

“Mrs. Lock…. Clara!” Jamie groaned just as she managed to clasp her lips around half of his member.

Clara grabbed his strong ass and pushed further, hoping to swallow him full. Instead, she ended up choking on his dick as the tip penetrated into her throat. He was so fucking big that Clara felt like crying. She wished that John, her husband, had something as frigging hot and compelling as a huge dick.

Forcing John out of her head, Clara glanced up at Jamie and batted her eyelashes at him. He looked so innocent and young and it just made her thighs wet. She had never thought about fucking someone twenty years younger than she was, but heck, she couldn’t deny herself the pleasure of touching his naked black flesh or having his heavy weight on top of her while he fucked her.

“Have you fucked a woman before?” She asked him as she stood up straight.

He seemed mystified by her question and Clara grinned as he just kept his mouth shut. She unstrapped her gown and let the soft material slowly slid off her body. Jamie’s eyes lit up and she grinned happily again. Even though she was in her late forties, Clara considered her body to be spotless and attractive.

Without thought, she held Jamie’s dick and began to pull him towards the couch again. Jamie obeyed her move without complaint, giving her total control of whatever game that she was playing. Clara finally crouched with both palms on the sofa and her ass shooting out towards his hard cock.

“Fuck me. Jamie. Make this night worthier than the hundreds with John.”

He pushed his dick inside her pussy without warning and Clara gasped with pleasure. His cock wasn’t fully inside her yet and Clara wanted more.

“Fuck me harder.” She gasped.

Again, Jamie rammed into her and groaned behind her. To give him more room, Clara raised her right leg to the couch and smiled as his full dick rammed into her this time around. He was hot and thick.

Her entire body was consumed by animal pleasure as Jamie began to move insider her again. He was jerking in and out and was groaning at the same time, while Clara only buried her fingernails into the couch, unable to stop grinning.


Clara had a feeling that there was going to be another night with Jamie. She thought about his dick continuously ramming into her tight pussy and the unending pleasure that it gave her as she neared climax.

She was sure of only one thing.

She still wanted more.

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