Tv Shows That Got Cancelled Too Soon


TV shows come and go but there are a few that deserve to stay there as long as the fans want them. Unfortunately, this is not true and here I have compiled list of those shows that we loved but still got cancelled.


  1. My So Called Life

Show based on a girl played by Claire Danes about her life in high school and her boyfriend played by Jared Leto. It lasted for only 19 episodes because of the tough competition if got from mega shows like Friends and Mad about You. It would have been successful if made today.


  1. Twin Peaks

One of the highest rated show to get cancelled, it was based on a murder investigation of a homecoming queen. It made a quick cult following but lasted for only 30 episodes because of its competition from show like Cheers.


  1. Veronica Mars

Veronica Mars a girl who dedicated her life for investigating mysteries after her friend was murdered and her father was removed from the County Sheriff. The show had the perfect blend and made cult following which led to a movie years later but the show got cancelled before its time for low ratings.


  1. Firefly

Show based on 500 years in the future written by the Joss Weadon who did justice to show and made it so good that people protested to get it back but couldn’t. We did get a movie but no show.


  1. Happy Endings

Based on a group of best friends who had to take side after the main couple broke up, it had every sort of tone to it and was going great but after it time slot got shifted it just did make it work and got cancelled.


  1. Jericho

The show centered around in Kansas in the aftermath of a nuclear blast in 23 major cities, it was so good that the campaign to bring it back actually worked for 1 more season but got cancelled after just 29 episodes leaving the fans hear broken.


  1. Arrested Development

Ratted as one of the funniest show on television and made wonder when it released. It had the biggest star cast making it more interesting but due to less people watching it, it got cancelled after 3 seasons. Although Netflix picked it up in 2013 but it never made it to silver screen.


  1. Heroes

A comic book based in which common people discover they have super power. At once it was considered one of the best shows on TV but as time went by so did its viewer but still it got to have a revival which aired in 2015.


  1. Freaks and Geeks

The main cast of the show turned out to be the biggest star in Hollywood. The show was so good that it makes me cry to even think about its cancellation. Based on the lives of people in high school, it had all sort of emotions and realness. I still wonder what made them do it.

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