Top 10 Sports Movies To Watch


The amazing part of sport movies is that they have all the right ingredients to attract a viewer no matter if he is interested in that sport or not. This article is dedicated to such sports movies that are really good and fun to watch.

  1. Rocky

This is practically an autobiography for Sylvester Stallone, movie based on a man who wants to become a boxer but lacks the opportunity and support. After beating an opponent people notice him and he gets the fight of his life which he cashes on.


  1. Rudy

Story about a boy whose lifelong dream is to play for the college football team Notre Dame but due to his physical inabilities people think it is not possible not even his family supports him. But beating against odd he gets into college study hard transfer to Notre Dame and becomes the part of the football team.


  1. Hoosiers

Based on a small town high school and it basketball coach. The coach gets the job due to his friendship with the principal but the team he gets is not what he asked for and starts to gain trust and develops a team again who wins the state championship.


  1. Goal

This movie is based on soccer and a Mexican immigrant boy who loves to play the game. A scout notices him and ask him to come to England where he can help him play in a club and the rest is history.


  1. Remember the Titans

A newly appointed black football coach of a high school where just recently blacks were allowed to study. The coach is not appreciated and most of the townsmen want him to leave the job but he gains their trust as well as his teams and wins the championship.


  1. Million Dollar Baby

A highly motivated woman wants to become a boxer and after great struggle she gets the coach she wants, who trains him and eventually takes him to the arena. She becomes one of the best but a foul from an opponent leave her paralyzed.


  1. Jerry Maguire

Story about a sports agent who just got fired decides to run his own talent agency but is not able to sign any big names and relies upon a single mid aged player for whom he gets the contract that makes both of them happy and rich.


  1. The Blindside

A homeless black is taken in by a rich white family who treat him equally and appreciate his talent for football. The boy’s adoptive mother makes sure he gets into college and play for a college team which he eventually does.


  1. The Wrestler

An old age wrestler decides to return to the ring because of his disappointing life outside the ring which makes him comeback but dies on his one last fight.


  1. The Karate Kid

A boy moves to a new neighborhood but is not welcomed by his high school community, seeing that most of them are karate student the boy wishes to join in. He comes to know that his apartment handyman is a master himself and starts to teach the boy karate in a very unusual way.

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