Top 10 Horror Movies To Watch


I know most people do not admit this but watching horror movies is a guilty pleasure because you are excited and scared at the same time. There are few really good horror movies that I have watched and the list is going to show the best of them.

  1. The Blair witch project

The first movie ever made from the perspective of an on film character’s camera. The movie was made on a budget of few thousand dollars and earning million on top. It revolves around group of friends who go to a forest to search for a certain witch sites. This movie is a classic and even without a single villain it scared the crap out of me.


  1. Rosemary’s baby

A man makes a deal with the devil by letting devil have sex with his wife to have an offspring in return for success. The brilliance of the movie is that the women never knows about it and with a very disturbing experience she comes to know of it.


  1. The Conjuring

The latest movie on the list, based on a couple ghost hunters who try to help people get rid of the demonic spirits that surround them. The movie is based on one particular case.


  1. Evil Dead

Old but gold one of the best horror movies ever made although now a days it is known more as a comedy horror but back when the first part was released it was a challenge to watch it alone.


  1. The Shining

One of the best acted movie from Jack Nicolson, story about a family who move to a hotel which stays closed for the winters and the family is there to take care of the hotel. Twist and turns start to happen half way down the movie but the momentum built up is perfectly scary.


  1. Psycho

Alfred Hitchcock’s best movie, based on a dysfunctional family who owns a motel. The son who runs the motel is controlled by his mother or it seems it does. Stranger murder starts to happen there making it weird and creepy.


  1. The Exorcist

Scariest movie of its time, based on mom and daughter who comes to live in a new place where a demon possesses the daughter. Mother than tries to find ways to exorcise that demon out of her by finding a faithless priest.


  1. The Babadook

A family is being haunted by a demon who exists in the book and the more you believe in it the more it gets real. The story is well sorted and keeps the scary trademark.


  1. The Grudge

Based on a dead women and her son who starts haunting people and killing them because of the way they themselves were murdered by the father.


  1. The Ring

The whole concept of this movie is that there is a particular tape which if watched a person dies in 7 days’ time. The movie revolves around a woman who tries to find the origin of the tape and how to end its curse.

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