Bizarre Celebrity Fashion Trends

Bizarre Fashion

It is in our human nature to follow the people we like, but it is quite sad to say some of celebrities we follow might not follow the best of the fashion. Instead of people looking good and stylish we look like puns and so here I have compiled the bizarre celebrity fashions trends that you’ll wish were over.

  1. Saggy Jeans

We all have tried it once in our lifetime to look cool but we all know we looked pathetic in those jeans. Most of the rap community started of this trend of wearing saggy pants but according to a deep research originated from prison and brought to main stream by Ice T, he actually rapped about it.


  1. Shoulder Pads

Thank God this trend has been long gone but back in the 80s and 90s this was the look women preferred as working girl outfit. Women would pad up the shoulder because they thought it was bossy but we all know how lamed you looked.


  1. Leg warmers

This was a major trend followed by people because celebrities started to endorse them in their normal lives. They looked so wrong on a person that if it was today I would have nauseated on a daily basis.


  1. Wallet chain

Thank God I am no more in the early 2000s, a large mass of people mostly hip guy started to carry chained wallets which looked so pathetic that I feel sorry for myself doing that. What was I thinking?


  1. Thigh High boots

Seriously how many people can actually afford a leather thigh high boots? I mean seriously, if you look at them being worn most of the girls are just trying to pull them off but in reality they looked nothing like they should. Some things are meant for some people.


  1. Crop Top

Frankly I have nothing against crop tops, if you have a good body then go girl but if you don’t then the me being the spokesperson for men and say it to you that the do not look good if you have a shaggy body. No offense against fat people, I myself am fat but I still know how to full off some stuff but crop top for you is a hard miss.


  1. Meggings

Those of you who do not know what meggings are, they are sort of a male leggings which unfortunately looked gay on anyone who wore it. The worst part about it was it showed a clear picture of our male body part which trust me is a big turn off.


  1. Granny Hair

Look we all will get old someday so why anyone does wants to dye his or her hair white? I mean they are gonna turn white eventually but last year many celebs did it and so did most of the teenager making me and my company look really very ridiculous.

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