10 Things You Need To Do Before Getting Married

Before getting married

Marriage is a big thing, it is a long path of responsibility and trustworthiness and it takes some time to develop that. I am sure both of you have spent your lives wisely before but there are few to-do list which you need to try before getting into the stuff you might not know about.


  1. Learn to trust other

Speaking about it personally it is a tough thing to do but it surely is the most important thing because without developing trust living together is going to be challenging and in the long run both of you will surfer.


  1. Fall in love again

Never believe that the first person you are meeting is the person for you, you might be right you might be wrong so experiment when in love if they stay go ahead but if they don’t try to fall in love again.


  1. Live with someone

By that I mean with a total stranger or a college buddy this is the perfect test for you to see how your married life is going to be.


  1. Spend time with kids

I know this is going to sound like a cliché but it is what it is, you must spend some time with kids because you partner might want kids in the future and spending time with kids will make sure you know what are you getting into.


  1. Handy guy

Try not to depend on someone always try to be the person who is an all-rounder and handy in all things. This will make you less dependent on someone and it is more likely that you will be happier in your relationship.


  1. Why married

This is the most important question of them all, sit alone and ask yourself why do you want to get married? If the answer you are looking for gets to you easily well than it is time to get married if you can’t answer this question, then wait for a while.


  1. Career

Career is the most important thing in life so make you before getting married that you have spent enough time in your workplace by which I mean take some time to develop in your field.


  1. The list

Make sure that the list you prepared with you buddies have being completed because if it hasn’t then you need to complete the tasks on that list so that you can be confident about your identity.


  1. Fight

When you are married you will most likely fight on and off which may lead to things that should not have been done. Always make sure you fight a fair fight and never ever those tears trouble you it’s a hack for them


  1. Sorry

For most people the most difficult part of the relationship is to say they are sorry. And because of people not apologizing for their mistakes they break up and it is not the best feeling in the world. So say sorry whenever you can and live a happy married life.

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