10 Celebrities Who Went Broke

10 celebrity

This article is dedicated to those celebrities of the world who were touching the sky at one point but still went broke because of silly mistakes. Note that only those celebrities are on the list that are more commonly known.


  1. Donald Trump

The main who’s running for presidency in America and a known businessman who also is a billionaire actually went broke once upon a time. It was due to an investment gone wrong but due to him openly admitted to using the law to his advantage he went up again and again.


  1. Michael Jackson

The biggest pop star in the history of the world and at one point probably the richest musician as well. He bought a glorious mansion known as Neverland Ranch which is famous because of huge size and a functioning amusement part made it expansive to maintain and before his death he was close to bankruptcy hence he planned to make a return to the industry.


  1. 50 Cent

Probably one of the most famous rapper musician around town who once had a promising net worth of $150 million declared bankruptcy recently mostly due to bad investments and court cases.


  1. Pamela Anderson

One of the hottest Baywatch star and the most popular Playboy model declared bankruptcy when her house remodeling got a bit out of hand. She had to sell the place immediately but still she came up her feet quite quickly.


  1. Brendan Fraser

The Mummy famed actor was going ways and made over 60 movies but few flops changed that making the actor go down. Plus, alimony and child support is making his life a living hell for which he now has to liquidate his assets.


  1. Lena Heady

The most hated actress in Hollywood because of her role in the most popular show on earth Game of Thrones once declared bankruptcy and had to sell her house to make ends meet. Although now she has seemed to settle but rumor has it the show does not pay an awful lot.


  1. Courtney Love

Famous for being the girlfriend of famed musician Kurt Cobain, the singer herself had a good income because of the loyalty check she got from the deceased actor. But due to drug use and alcoholism it made her sell all she had and now has close to nothing.


  1. Wesley Snipes

It seems making 3 Blade movies does get to a hell lot of money, the actor went to jail because of him evading tax. He recently got out and have only 1 film to his credit which was charity from Sylvester Stallone


  1. Lindsay Lohan

She had a pretty good start in Hollywood with acting credits in Mean Girls and more but soon she turned to drugs and alcoholism which led to her going bankrupt and now one of the most failed star.


  1. Nicolas Cage

Nicolas was once a much known man in Hollywood, everyone wanted him he was great and had a net worth of over $150 million but he blew all that away because he used to use him money like a 12-year-old would do. Although he is still seen to own an awful lot but not the way it should have been.

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