Top 10 TV Shows To Watch When Bored

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There will come a time in our life when we simply wouldn’t want to go out neither we look for anything productive or interesting but we still want to engage our self in something. So what I do when I feel this way is I way TV shows, they are interesting and the built up keeps you attached to it. So here I have compiled the top 10 TV shows to watch when bored.


  1. Friends

I can safely assume it is the most popular sitcom ever to air. It is about five friends and how they spend their life in the city of New York. The characters are interesting and the stories are very diverse and interesting.


  1. Seinfeld

It is loosely based on the life of Jerry Seinfeld himself, about 3 friends and their interesting neighbor. The show has small comedy skits in between and most stories are event which happen to us in daily life.


  1. How I met your mother

Relatively new sitcom who recently ended its 9 season run, again it is based on 5 friends but one friends in particular “Ted” who is finding his perfect bride.


  1. Fringe

Based on a professor, his son and an FBI agent who are trying to stop and work on fringe events. It also has the perfect little love story attached to it which makes the series even more interesting.


  1. Supernatural

People have followed this show like a religion, it is about two brother and their life fighting paranormal creatures including the devil, angels, heaven and hell. The stories are sometimes real emotional but overall it is a must watch.


  1. The American

Two KGB spies living on American soil and living a normal life but with the normal life on the do their spy work with their ongoing life. The have to protect this secret from their children and friends.


  1. Chuck

A Stanford drop out working for a local market gets his hands on some critical CIA intelligence making him a valuable asset to them. The whole show is comic based which is fun to watch plus the girls on the show are beautiful.


  1. Grey’s Anatomy

The all-time classic, based on lives of a doctor and people around her. It has a lot of drama, some crying making it the perfect night time TV series.


  1. House of Cards

Story of a man and his wife and how they become the strongest couple in America by becoming the President and the first lady respectively. The show has some cruel aspects of being a politician.


  1. The Walking Dead

If you are in to Zombies than this show is perfect for you. Based on a comic of same name, it depicts the story of some survivor in the post zombified world and the things they have to do I order to survive. Rick Grimes who once was in a comma wakes up to this world, first few seasons shows the struggle of him reaching to his family. Overall a must watch if bored.

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