7 Ways to Be Happier In Love

happyinloveI think we have all heard the phrase “we accept the love we think we deserve” and it can be interpreted as we like but actual what the quote says is that we accept anyone who can do anything that has not been done to you before. It is untrue, the problem is that most people in a relationship now a days take it for granted. Some people think any-one annoying habit could be a deal breaker but that is untrue we should accept more than we actually do. The list below will explain or guide you how to be happy when in love.


  1. Fights are fights get over them

Some people think fighting once with their partner could be a deal breaker because he or she made them angry and that was not right. The problem is most of us take it to our hearts which is wrong, we need to treat some fight as normal and when you start doing that you move forward with your loved one.


  1. Be honest

This is the key to any relationship, honesty is the virtue that can take you far ahead in any sort of relation. According a study, the couple who are honest to one another live the happiest life. Nuff said.


  1. Defend your partner

Now this is plain and simple if someone is being rude or insulting towards your partner become possessive shut the shit out of that person. This will make your partner more attractive towards you and that’s the ultimate goal.


  1. Date night

This might as well be the most important night for any couple, never miss it. Always please your partner on date night, it helps you in bed and in life tremendously.


  1. Surprise

I hate to say it but bring spontaneous gifts for your partner now and then will him or her really very happy, it shows how you truly care for your partner and you will feel the love.


  1. Obligations

Always remember every relationship comes with many obligations, and if you go against those obligations it could lead to trouble in your love life. There might be things you like and he doesn’t but just for the sake of the relationship go along with them. This will help you and partner to develop trust which is a key to any relationship.


  1. Say it one more time

By the heading I mean say it when you can “I Love You”, these three simple words are so magical that it can mend any broken heart. The more you say it the more your partner will feel for you it’s sort of a fact. According to a study couple who say I love you and kiss more often are likely to never break up and that is the ultimate goal isn’t it?

Considering all these point you can truly be happier in love because every healthy relationship leads to many positive things around you which make life more fun and happy.

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